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1. Welcome

Welcome to Brewing Trade - the UK’s & Europe's first and only brewery-to-brewery marketplace.

At Brewing Trade, we're revolutionising the way breweries across the UK and Europe buy and sell. As the continent's only dedicated brewery-to-brewery marketplace, we offer a unique platform tailored to the needs of the brewing industry, made by brewers for brewers.

2. Why Brewing Trade Exists

With over a decade of experience in the craft brewing industry, we, as brewers, noticed a common problem. Breweries often find themselves with surplus or over-contracted stock, without a dedicated marketplace to sell their unneeded stock. Conversely, we observed that many breweries end up overpaying for stock items that other breweries could readily provide at an affordable price.

Driven by our passion for brewing and sustainability, we founded Brewing Trade—an innovative online marketplace that opens up buying and selling in our industry from WhatsApp groups and forums to European-wide possibilities.

Our mission is simple: to combat brewery waste by connecting brewers across the globe, enabling them to optimise their resources and promote a more sustainable brewing industry.

3. Why Use Brewing Trade

Our membership comprises only of breweries, ensuring that our platform caters specifically to the brewing industry's unique requirements and bridges geographical gaps, enabling breweries from all corners of Europe to trade.

4. Personalised Support

More than just an online marketplace, we are people too. We have a team that are multilingual and vastly experienced in the brewing industry. If you have any questions regarding anything Brewing Trade and want to hear it from one of us, please contact us, and we will answer your questions personally.

5. Sustainability Commitment

At Brewing Trade, we are dedicated to conducting our business in a sustainable manner, encompassing principles that benefit people, the planet, and profit. Here's how we uphold our commitment to sustainability


We value the well-being of our team members and stakeholders, prioritising their health and fostering a supportive work environment. Currently, Brewing Trade operates with four co-founders, each holding equal partnership. This structure ensures that we are all equal all of the time.

In addition to internal practices, we will extend our commitment to people beyond our organisation. Brewing Trade allocates company time toward initiatives such as mentoring in business, community projects, and charitable donations. As we progress through our first year in business, these activities will be formalised and actively pursued to make a positive impact on society.


Recognising our responsibility toward environmental stewardship, Brewing Trade is dedicated to minimising our ecological footprint. While our platform plays a crucial role in reducing waste and fostering a circular economy within the craft brewing industry, we acknowledge that it also contributes to additional transportation emissions.

To mitigate these emissions, Brewing Trade is committed to offsetting every kilogram of CO2 equivalent generated by our additional transport movements. Presently, our team handles this offsetting process, but we are working toward automating it with the assistance of a carbon offset partner.

While we understand that offsetting is not a definitive solution, it aligns with our commitment to environmental responsibility as we seek more sustainable alternatives.


As a business, we operate transparently and openly discuss profit. Brewing Trade sustains its operations by charging a nominal fee of 5% to both buyers and sellers. These fees contribute to the development of new website features, offsetting new transport emissions, enhancing customer experience, maintaining the website, and paying our team.

Future Plans:

We are a new business and have put people, planet, and profit into the core values and processes of our business. But we know there is much more we can do.

People - We want to execute our plans to become active social members, donating company time to support community projects. There is also a plan to partner with universities/colleges to mentor those who desire. Check back in 2025 to see what we achieved and what we plan for 2026.

Planet - We plan to measure & report our emissions at the end of FY24. Once we have established our baseline, we can assess where we need to impact.

Profit - We plan to be super transparent on exactly where the revenue we have generated goes. We truly believe transparency is key and will show that when FY24 is over.

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