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1. Dispute Process

The dispute resolution process is handled on a case-by-case basis to ensure a thorough and fair resolution. Due to this, generalising the dispute resolution process isn’t easy, and if you have any questions, concerns, or want clarification, we encourage you to get in touch with us directly at

While you wait for us to get back to you, please read the general overview of the process.

Buyer disputes can only be opened once a payment has been processed and the goods are either not delivered or delivered incorrectly or in poor condition. Holistically, the process looks like this:

our disputes process

2. Eligibility & Timeframe

Only buyers are eligible to start disputes and they must do so within 10 days of receiving their order. No disputes will be considered beyond this timeframe.

3. Initiating a Dispute

To initiate a dispute you need to email with your order number and a detailed description of your dispute.

You will receive a reply within 24 hours confirming that the dispute has been received, the seller's funds frozen and the dispute process initiates.

4. Information Needed

Your initial email should include your order number and a comprehensive description of the dispute.

In all likelihood, we will require additional information and supporting evidence to substantiate your claims. For instance, if your order arrived damaged, we will need photographic evidence demonstrating the condition of the order upon delivery.

To ensure the strongest case for your dispute, it's crucial that the evidence provided is as detailed as possible. When submitting photos, they should accurately represent the situation at the relevant time and conditions. For instance, if your order was damaged, it's beneficial to capture an image of the shipment before unwrapping it to confirm the condition upon receipt. Your objective is to present the most compelling and substantiated evidence to expedite the dispute resolution process.

5. Mediation Process

The mediation process at Brewing Trade is overseen by one of our co-founders, each of whom has over a decade of experience in the brewing industry. Mediation occurs through email correspondence or recorded video/voice calls.

The procedure aligns with the outlined process described above. Initially, we enact a freeze on the funds involved in any dispute to ensure we have the ability to take appropriate action. Subsequently, we validate the buyer's claims and assess the accompanying evidence to confirm the legitimacy of the case presented to the seller.

The mediator then communicates the case to the seller, along with a specified response timeframe (typically 5 working days). During this period, the seller has the option to accept or reject the claims. In the event of rejection, they are granted an additional 5 working days to compile evidence to counter.

Once this process is complete, the evidence is shared with the buyer, and a resolution is established independently by the mediator.

There is to be no direct communication between the parties by any forms of communication. In this event, the original party who made communication could be discredited, and the dispute automatically ended or upheld by Brewing Trade. Also, Brewing Trade will not enter any form of communication that isn’t via email or by recorded video/voice call; this ensures impartiality, transparency, and fairness.

6. Resolution Options

Buyer’s disputes are valid:
If the buyer's claims are validated by either the seller or by Brewing Trade, the order will be returned to the seller at the seller's expense. The buyer will receive a full refund, and the seller will incur a 5% commission charge based on the total order value.

Buyer’s disputes are invalid:
If the buyer’s claims are not valid, they can choose to accept the order as-is or return the order at their expense to the seller and receive a refund to the value of the order. In this case, the 5% fee will still be paid by the buyer.

Fair outcome:
Often, there could be a fair middle ground that satisfies both parties. In this case, it will be presented by Brewing Trade as the final outcome to both parties via email or recorded voice/video call, then email.

7. Timeframe for Resolution

From the day of dispute there is a maximum limit of 15 working days to find a resolution. 5 working days for the buyer to gather evidence. 5 working days for the seller to gather evidence. 5 working days for Brewing Trade to make a final decision. If one of the parties exceeds these timeframes, an automatic conclusion could be enforced.

8. Privacy & Security

All information about the buyer and seller are confidential to the other party. All data held in line with our privacy policy (insert link to privacy policy)

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