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1. Delivery Options

Buyers are presented with various delivery options from different logistics partners at checkout, allowing them to choose the best option for their needs.

2. Order Placement & Payment

Once the buyer selects their desired delivery method and completes the order, payment is made. Sellers receive a notification upon payment and are prompted to choose a pick-up date for the goods.

3. Delivery Date Generation

Based on the selected pick-up date, a delivery date is generated and communicated to the buyer. Please note that for international shipments, taxes are paid at the point of entry into the final destination country.

4. Delivery Methods

Delivery options vary depending on the route, with options for regular and quick delivery. However, availability may vary for different routes.

5. Regions of Operation

Our delivery services operate within the UK, EU to EU, and EU to UK. Currently there are restrictions on sending hops from the UK to the EU.

6. Taxes

Taxes are an integral part of the delivery process, and understanding their implications is crucial for a smooth transaction.

Taxes, including customs duties and import taxes, are managed at the point of entry into the buyer's final destination country. This ensures compliance with local regulations and facilitates a smooth customs clearance process.

It's important for buyers to recognise that they are responsible for any applicable taxes associated with their shipment. This includes understanding and fulfilling the tax obligations of their country.

7. Delivery Timeframes

Delivery timeframes depend on the delivery method and route. Buyers are advised to ensure swift transit through customs for timely delivery.

8. Tracking Information

Courier-provided tracking information is shared upon confirmation of the pick-up date, allowing buyers to monitor the status of their delivery.

9. Cost Calculation

Delivery costs are calculated based on the route and volume. Parcel delivery is available for shipments up to 100kg (separate 20kg parcels), while pallet delivery is offered for larger shipments. Parcel prices are automatically generated via API, while pallet prices are not currently automated.

Brewing Trade does not make any form of revenue from delivery. We work tirelessly with our delivery partners to reduce the cost of delivery to you, as we appreciate it's a cost no one likes to bear.

10. Returns & Exchanges

Exchanges are not possible. Returns must follow our dispute procedure, which can be found here.

11. Insurance Policy

Insurance options and their values are displayed among the delivery options at checkout. While insurance is optional, we recommend it to cover buyers in case of loss or damage during transit.

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