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1. Account Approval Process

Buying items on Brewing Trade is a straightforward process. To get started, your account must be approved by Brewing Trade. We exclusively cater to breweries, so we'll need some information to verify that you are a brewery based in the UK or Europe. Rest assured, the approval process typically takes less than 24 hours. Unlike selling accounts, buying-only accounts won't require any further approval steps.

2. Browsing Listings & Placing Orders

After your account is approved, you'll gain access to browse through our listings and discover items of interest. The price displayed on each listing covers both the 5% fee for the seller and the 5% fee for the buyer. It's important to note that the total cost doesn't include shipping fees, any payment processing charges imposed by our payment provider, or applicable taxes.

As we have multiple sellers listing on our marketplace, you will find that items often have multiple locations, so you will need to place separate orders if you want items from different sellers. Once you find an item you like, you will be able to see what other items the seller has for sale. It’s advisable from a cost management, environmental, and time-saving standpoint to order as much from one seller as you can.

3. Payment & Delivery

Once you find items you like, proceed to check out and place an order. You will now be asked to enter your delivery details, and you will be presented with a delivery cost.

For more information on delivery, please see our article on Delivery, Tax & Insurance, or speak to a Brewing Trade team member here.

All payments are handled by our third-party payment provider, Stripe. This is to ensure all money is held safely while we wait for you to receive your order.

4. Importing Goods & Taxes

If you're importing goods from outside the EU, be aware that you may be responsible for paying import taxes upon the goods' arrival. The paperwork associated with imports will be handled by the agreed-upon shipping partner, but it's important to note that the cost of import taxes falls upon the buyer.

5. How can I trust a seller?

We've taken several measures to ensure trust and transparency in our marketplace. While we maintain the anonymity of sellers to protect their privacy, our seller account verification process is rigorous, as is the verification process of our payment provider, required to be completed before any listing can be posted. We personally verify the identity of each brewery, confirm the legality of the goods they are selling, and ensure the goods are in the appropriate condition.

6. Refund Policy

If a buyer is dissatisfied with the quality of the received goods, Brewing Trade will conduct an investigation in line with our disputes process.

If the buyer's claims are validated, the order will be returned to the seller at the seller's expense. The buyer will receive a full refund, and the seller will incur the 5% selling fee and the associated Stripe fees.

If the buyer’s claims are not valid, they can choose to accept the order as-is or return the order at their expense to the seller and receive a refund equal to the order's value. In this case, the 5% fee will still be paid by the buyer, and the Stripe fees will be the responsibility of the seller. For full information on dispute handling, please click here.

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