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1. Account Setup & Verification

Your journey as a seller is easy. Once you have entered your account information and it has been verified by Brewing Trade and our payment partner Stripe, you will be eligible to sell on Brewing Trade.

2. Listing Creation & Fees

Follow the steps in the "Add Listing" form to create and post your hops live on the platform. You only pay a fee on the successful sale of your item. If you would like to read more about payments and fees, please read here.

3. Anonymity & Shipping Considerations

All listings are anonymous; the buyer will not know any of the selling brewery’s personal details (name, location, etc.) throughout any of the process. If total anonymity is required, special attention will have to be paid to shipping, as documentation can contain the location of goods shipped. Please speak to our team to discuss options.

4. Delivery & Payout Process

At checkout, the buyer will choose their preferred delivery method. This will generate shipping labels and documentation with the delivery partner the buyer has chosen. More information can be found in our delivery guide here.

Stripe will release your funds 5 days after the delivery date. This allows time for the buyer to receive the order and address any potential concerns with Brewing Trade. Once the 5-day period has passed, your funds will be promptly released and deposited directly into your registered bank account with Stripe.

In the case of a dispute, Brewing Trade will step in and investigate the claims. This process is detailed on our disputes page.

5. Refund Policy

If a buyer is dissatisfied with the quality of the received goods, Brewing Trade will conduct an investigation in line with our disputes process..

If the buyer's claims are validated, the order will be returned to the seller at the seller's expense. The buyer will receive a full refund, and the seller will incur the 5% selling fee and the associated Stripe fees.

If the buyer’s claims are not valid, they can choose to accept the order as-is or return the order at their expense to the seller and receive a refund equal to the order's value. In this case, the 5% fee will still be paid by the buyer, and the Stripe fees will be the responsibility of the seller. For full information on dispute handling, please click here.

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